The Charting Pluralism project first started with the seeds of an idea in the mind of our founder, PK. Read more about the early stages of Charting Pluralism in his own retelling of the fundamental stages of development:

“I was born and raised Roman Catholic in Pittsburgh, PA, where I attended St. Catherine of Siena school (now closed). During grade school, we learned traditional Catholic dogma, with no discussion about other religions. In my twenties, I read a book called Jesus by A. N. Wilson who raised questions about where Jesus’s body went after being miraculously propelled into orbit during the Ascension. After pondering this question, I started my own personal quest for the “ultimate reality.” What is the truth? Which religion is correct? This journey has led me down many paths that overlapped along the way. The intertwining issues of history, culture, politics, afterlife, philosophy, etc. created a complex, yet marvelously interwoven fabric of what is commonly known as religion. In my attempt to get a clear vision of the big picture, I decided to try to diagram religions in a way that made sense to me. Thus, Charting Pluralism was born.

“In 2005, after muddling through the myriad of issues involving religion, I drew my first chart that attempted to depict all religious possibilities:


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