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Chart Submission

Here at Charting Pluralism, we enourage our visitors to add to our archive of charts by creating and submitting their own. Whether you want to chart a sub-branch or faith community that our staffers haven't gotten around to yet, or if you want to propose an alternative configuration for one of the charts we've already produced, we encourage you to contribute a submission to our visitor charts gallery.

Before deciding to create and submit a chart, you're welcome to brainstorm with our forum members by starting a new topic in the Charting Discussion. That way you can test out your ideas to see if our regulars have an comments or suggestions.

If you're ready to create your chart, then get right to it. Once you're done, be sure to save it in .JPG or .GIF format. If you don't have access to software for creating your chart electronically, or would prefer to create a chart in paper form, please send inquiries to the following email address. Electronic submissions may also be sent to this address:

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